Wednesday, 27 May 2009

漫游UrbaNite -2009年5月30日节目预告

当晚暴露狂:戏剧盒艺术总监·郭庆亮,本地乐团Observatory 成员Vivian Wang


Known for their groundbreaking albums, Singapore’s foremost rock band The Observatory collaborates with filmmaker Ho Tzu Nyen and theatre director Kok Heng Leun as dramaturg to conceptualise and present an exciting new work, Invisible Room.Challenging the norms of a music concert, The Observatory plays ‘live’ in an inverted venue, a pentagonal chamber formed by screens. Surrender yourself to near darkness and prepare to plunge into a deep, psychological territory. Let the mystical and poetic soundtrack surround and captivate you as stark images of the human corporeal confront and hypnotise. Brooding drones, delicate voices, sinister guitars and sublime melodies create a spellbinding sense of slow burning intensity and ambiguous space, from which there is no exit. Yet, the mind is free to escape into a world of its own.This visceral journey ignites one’s senses and explores the power of the human mind to transcend physical captivity. Powerful, evocative and deeply mesmerising.

DATE: 5-7 Jun 2009
DURATION: Approx 45 mins (no intermission)
VENUE: LASALLE College of the ArtsFlxible Space1 McNally StreetBlock F, Room 102
TICKET PRICE: (exclu booking fee)Standard - S$30

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